A place where we do our best to improve the quality of farming, a place where everyone learn from nature and respect it, a place where people can come and know more about ecological farming, a place where cultures, ideas and thoughts meet.

Our vision

The farm is located in a small town called Jiuling, half an hour drive from Mianyang city, Sichuan province, China. The farm is more than 300 hectares; we raise more than 5000 pigs, raise 700 chickens, and cultivate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. We employ more than 100 local workers that help us in the transformation from an industrial farm into an ecological farm. We also do a lot of work on restoring the local environment, because one of our goal is to recycle all resources from the farm and give back to the environment to create a healthy and happy ecosystem.

We believe that harmony between humanity and nature is the key to realize sustainable development of both agriculture and the human society. 


The farm is being transformed very quickly at the moment. The beginning of 2017 is the start of eco-tourism in the farm: we wish this farm to be a place where people from the city can get close to nature and realize how important it is to respect it. Two buildings are being built; but after these, we won’t build anything with concrete anymore, as we want to be more and more ecological. That’s also why we need volunteers from all around the world to teach us their way of living and working ecologically.

Volunteer program

In order to achieve our goal of ecological farming and sustainability, we host volunteers from all around the globe. We see this as the opportunity to share their thoughts about our farm, and help us to improve it in their own way. We promote the cultural exchanges between people from all around the world. We want to show every volunteer the true Chinese way of life and create an environment where they feel part of a big family.