our philosophy

Since 2012, we've welcomed over 300 volunteers from 41 different countries.

Our aim is to build relationships based on mutual cultural exchange, and to develop a deeper understanding of our place in nature.

We want to share the true Chinese way of life with our volunteers, and together make an impact on our selves and for the world.


who we’re looking for

Walden Farm is rapidly growing and expanding.

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and motivated volunteers to help us transform the farm into a future sustainable eco-farming and eco-tourism model.

If you have these relevant skills and experience, join us and be part of our Walden Farm family!


How You Can Help Us


Promotion & Marketing

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Advertising

  • SEO

  • Blogging

  • Copywriting


Summer Camp and Weekend Camps for Chinese students


  • Sustainable Agriculture, Traditional Chinese Agriculture

  • Reforestation, Flora and Fauna

  • Livestock (pigs, chickens, goats, cows), Animals (birds, bees, wild animals, insects, microorganism)


Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable Architecture

  • Rural Development

  • Agroecology

  • Urban Planning

  • IT/Connectivity

  • Renewable Energy

  • Waste, Water and Soil Management



  • Music & Art

  • Film Production

  • Dance

  • Sports


Are you a student?

We offer exchange internships for students from universities around the world.

Looking to broaden your practical skills through an enriching experience? Find out more.