We reuse as much as we can around the farm. Even though it takes more time and resources to do so, the benefits to the environment are worth it.

  • We are in the process of reforesting the surrounding area with ginkgo, maple, pine, and many other types of trees. The presence of a healthy, dense and natural forests helps to balance the surrounding ecosystem.

  • We put local plants in our reservoirs to purify our water, while fish serve as an important source of nitrogen. We are constantly adjusting the number of plants and fish in order to balance water quality. Our goal is to have a healthy water ecosystem of lakes and ponds.

  • To regenerate the soil we use grass clippings and other vegetation as mulch, which reduces weed growth and preserves the health of the underlying earth.  We also use compost from the pigs across all of our soil to improve the quality of our land.

  • Waste from our pigs is channeled into tanks and turned into fertilizer for plants, while biogas is piped to our canteen to serve as fuel for cooking.

  • Excess food from our canteen and family kitchen is reused as food for the animals.