Our Family

The Lin family has worked this land for around 400 years, when the last surviving records showed our ancestors migrated to Sichuan from Hubei province. On our small plot of land, we originally harvested crops like rice, corn and vegetables as well as a variety of fruits so we have seen firsthand how agriculture has changed in China over many generations.


Our Farm

Walden Farm is a family run farm located in fertile, hilly northern Sichuan province, about 115 km north of Chengdu and a half hour drive from Mianyang. We raise pigs, chickens, and cultivate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on more than 300 hectares of land. We employ more than 100 local workers and have hosted over 200 volunteers. We are also closely involved in the community of Jiuling town and are currently expanding the scope of our farm to include new sustainable ventures in ecotourism, education and hospitality.