our address

Walden Farm, Jiuling, Jiangyou, Mianyang, Sichuan, China

( 四川省绵阳市江油市九岭镇 )




Map of walden farm

Here’s a snap of how Walden Farm looks like. Click here for full version.

walden farm sichuan map.png

Would you like to visit us?

Please send an email to waldenfarm31@gmail.com and tell us when you would like to come, with how many people and the reason of the visit. 

How To Reach US internationally?

For an international flight, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the best choice since it is the nearest international airport to our farm. From there:

1。Take a train from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to Mianyang ( 绵阳市 ) train station (54 yuan for 40 minute train, four times a day).

If you cannot get a train from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport then you can catch a train from Chengdu East train station ( 成都东站 ). To get to this station from the airport, you can either catch the number 3 airport line bus (12 yuan) or take the subway (6 yuan) using Line 10 and then transferring to Line 7. Then you can choose take regular bus (49 yuan for three hours) or train.

2。Then catch the number 60 city bus from outside Mianyang ( 绵阳市 ) train station to Ping Zheng bus stop (this is the final stop), which is a big bus station in Mianyang (2 yuan for 20 minutes).

3。Walk from Ping Zheng bus stop into the main Ping Zheng bus station around the corner and ask for a bus ticket to Jiuling town ( 九岭镇 ), (7 yuan for 30-50 minute ride depending on the traffic).

REMEMBER: Ask the driver to drop you off at Jiuling town ( 九岭镇 ) - they might need a few reminders!

4。Call/message your contact at the farm to pick you up from Jiuling town - the farm is a 10 minute drive from here.

For another option, take the train from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport ( 成都双流国际机场 ) to JiangYou train station ( 江油火车站 ) (69 yuan for 1.5 hours), then take the number 2 city bus to the 903 hospital ( 903医院 ), transfer the number 9 city bus to Jiu Ling town ( 九岭镇 ) (this is the final stop).

Taxi is also another option to get to the farm.

Domestic arrivals:

If you arrive directly to Mian Yang Nanjiao Airport (绵阳南郊机场), there are two ways to get to our farm:

  1. Take the number 75 city bus (at Nanjiao airport) or the airport bus 301 (at Mianyang airport) to Pingzheng bus stop (平政汽车站). Then, refer to article 3 above.

2. Alternately, you can take a taxi to our farm (69 yuan for 48 minutes).

When you arrive at JiuLing town ( 九岭镇 ), call/ message your contact at the farm to pick you up.