Testimonial #11

I’m so grateful to be part of the volunteers on Walden Farm! From the first day, everyone’s hospitality and kindness have been very welcoming. Learning about the farm’s history, vision and seeing the work the family and all staff put in has been inspiring for me. Although I’ve already known some Chinese culture, there were still new things to learn. The best part of this volunteering program is meeting people from all around the world. I’ve learned so much in 6 weeks about different cultures and experiences. Love it here, and hoping the farm can keep up the great work and great cause!


Testimonial #10

At the great farm on the beautiful countryside of Sichuan province far away from busy traffic and big city life I enjoyed my first 2 weeks as a volunteer with Lin and his welcoming family.
Joining the project of developing complete ecological farming gave me not only an educative knowledge on modern Chinese farming, hard work investment and contemporary Chinese business culture, it also granted me with the valuable and very enlightening opportunity of becoming a part of a Chinese family that shows true interest in sharing their history and culture with you!
As a volunteer here you will have the opportunity of working in the fields side by side with the local workers while experiencing the atmosphere of real daily life farming on a great scale in China. Lin very much appreciates and welcomes suggestions, and proactivity and creativity is more than welcome here - there’s always something to do at the farm!
Enjoy the beautiful little straw house, take good care of Walden (the workawayers’ cat), and bring a couple of extra blankets to stay warm at night in wintertime :) - besides from that just jump into it and enjoy every moment!
Thank you Lin, Sarah and your warmhearted family at 三一农场 - I will never forget my first experience with you!


Testimonial #9

I had such a wonderful experience with Lin's family. Lin's family became my own; they cared for me and made me feel incredibly welcome. I enjoyed cooking with them (when they let me!) and working alongside them picking grapes and cleaning out fields. They were also kind enough to make vegetarian meals for me. It was such a coincidence that I was backpacking with Walden as my guide and I happened upon this farm named after the very same book. And I loved little Walden, the cat I was able to name that came to ward of the critters that lurk in the straw house. I gave advice where I thought improvements could be made and truly enjoyed my time there. I hope to find my way back to this Farm one day in the future.


Testimonial #8

Lin, Mama Lin, Linxi, Uncle Chiang, Lisa and the whole family took such amazingly good care of us! The work was easy and fun--sometimes we would cook multi-course formal meals, and sometimes teach English games or yoga to kids at the summer camp. Work is based on the interests of the volunteers, and there was no fixed schedule for us. The emphasis was not on work, but in cultural exchange. Very interesting place, it is a massive farming operation but the area where volunteers live and spend most of their time feels more like an eco-resort than a farm! There is even a big swimming pool. Because we are a couple, we were even given (reaallyyy nice) private accommodation. And we had such a fun time hanging out with Lin, his family, and the other volunteers, and we learned a LOT about Chinese culture and customs, especially at the formal dinners where we learned about banquet culture, all of this was so fascinating. We highly recommend this place for self-directed people who are interested in learning about Chinese culture.


Testimonial #7

We're a family, travelling with 2 young children. Lin and everybody at the farm offered us a very warm welcome and allowed us to settle down with them for 3 weeks. We were there in February/March this year, for the beginning of spring. Work-wise, I gave English lessons to a few staff members, my husband carved a few wooden signs and we took part (the kids too) in tree-planting during a special reforestation operation. We feel very lucky that our children got to experience life on such a big farm, watched the carpenters work, enjoyed the safety of the place, learned a few Chinese words and interacted with other volunteers. We had a lovely time and would love to go back and experience life at the farm during another season. Thank you so much for having us!


Testimonial #6

We wanna thank you for the opportunity you gave us of being part of your project and being with your family. We were already delighted with the Chinese culture, but when we arrived at the Farm really everything became very special.
Your family is so cool! They really are very special people. We will never forget this experience. Being here we can see the value you give nature is really beautiful and inspiring. I wish you and your family many good wishes. May your project become more and more prosperous!
We are leaving here inspired to do our best, as we have seen that this is possible. We will be following the Farm of Brazil and cheering for you.
Thank you for everything!


Testimonial #5

I spent two wonderful weeks on this farm with Lin and his family! from day 1 I felt at home here, the place is magical and is growing so big its hard to see everything. Food was amazing and the company was great! I cant wait to come back and see how much it has progressed, thank you guys so much!


Testimonial #4

Working and living at the Farm was an amazing experience for us that felt like an eco-oasis in China. Lin and his whole family were so welcoming to us and they provided us with a super nice living space, big meals, and an inspiring work environment. The work was fun and varied a lot because we were there during a summer camp for kids, so we never got bored. Sometimes we would present cultural lessons, teach soccer games, document bird species around the farm, talk about biology, help the kids learn English, participate in activities with the kids, design and repair bat houses and bird houses to promote biodiversity, or lead yoga sessions for the other volunteers. It was definitely cool that we were able to contribute according to our own interests. We also really enjoyed getting to know Lin. His passion for the environment and education reform is infectious and we can't wait to return to his farm in the future and collaborate with him on other projects in the future! :D


Testimonial #2

Where to begin...
My stay at the farm had been an unforgettable, unbelievable and excellent experience! I was planning to stay for 2 months but doubled my intended stay. And honestly, you will never stop learning and experiencing here. The host offers so much variety where you can get involved in as a volunteer. During my stay, I worked on editing the website, doing photography, cooking for important meals, doing research, giving presentations, helping with setting up the café and teaching coffee brewing. In the beautiful surroundings where the farm is located you can learn so much about the Chinese culture and at the same time, you will enjoy the international community with people from all over the world. This place in an impressive one, full of opportunities! This place is one, that you will never forget! This place became part of me and I am very thankful for that!
XieXie :)


Testimonial #1

I spent 3 unbelievable weeks on this farm. The entire family is truly one of a kind - the most hospitable and loving group of individuals I have had the fortune of living with. As past volunteers have underscored, the Lin family makes you feel at home from day 1 and are committed to show you the traditional Chinese way of life. I miss them dearly; they became my family away from home, as I am sure they will for you too!
Even though I have never worked on a farm before, I was still able to experience all aspects of the farm: working with pigs, harvesting fruits/veggies, gardening, etc. I even got to set some industrial pigs free into the protected forest in an effort to make the farm completely organic. The work was very rewarding and presented itself with different challenges. I felt I was learning something new every day.
Linxi (little dot), a member of the family, was also fantastic to work with. She is very sweet and loves to get her hands dirty! I miss her and her sly comments very much.
Lin is a one of a kind man open to any new idea or crazy adventure. Staying up late to have long conversations about life, agriculture, and sustainability were some of my best memories on the farm. He is an incredibly intelligent man eager to share his culture and learn from yours. As Lin once told me "I can't see the world right now, so I want to bring the world to me," which explains his warmness and curiosity for all volunteers on the farm. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family and showing me the real Chinese culture.
Best of luck to the entire family! I can't wait to come back :)


Testimonial #3

I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend at Lin's farm at the end of my stay in China. After few months in the country I was sort of disappointed, but this experience really made me realized how much diversity there is in china and that among this diversity you can find people with strong values sharing your vision. Lin and his family are pursuing to make an impact on the Chinese way of perceiving nature, eco farming and education. It's so nice the way the managed to build up a community where you can feel a great sense of peace and harmony, their philosophy and warm hospitality makes everyone feels welcome. It's so inspiring to see how much the could achieve in few years and how much they still plan to do.
I happened to be at the farm during the summer camp; I had a great time helping with the activities and spending time with the kids outdoors, i wish much more children in China would have this kind opportunity.
I hope to be able to go back to the farm to learn more and see the progress made.