Testimonial #1

I spent 3 unbelievable weeks on this farm. The entire family is truly one of a kind - the most hospitable and loving group of individuals I have had the fortune of living with. As past volunteers have underscored, the Lin family makes you feel at home from day 1 and are committed to show you the traditional Chinese way of life. I miss them dearly; they became my family away from home, as I am sure they will for you too!

Even though I have never worked on a farm before, I was still able to experience all aspects of the farm: working with pigs, harvesting fruits/veggies, gardening, etc. I even got to set some industrial pigs free into the protected forest in an effort to make the farm completely organic. The work was very rewarding and presented itself with different challenges. I felt I was learning something new every day.
Linxi (little dot), a member of the family, was also fantastic to work with. She is very sweet and loves to get her hands dirty! I miss her and her sly comments very much.

Lin is a one of a kind man open to any new idea or crazy adventure. Staying up late to have long conversations about life, agriculture, and sustainability were some of my best memories on the farm. He is an incredibly intelligent man eager to share his culture and learn from yours. As Lin once told me "I can't see the world right now, so I want to bring the world to me," which explains his warmness and curiosity for all volunteers on the farm. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family and showing me the real Chinese culture.

Best of luck to the entire family! I can't wait to come back :)