Testimonial #10

At the great farm on the beautiful countryside of Sichuan province far away from busy traffic and big city life I enjoyed my first 2 weeks as a volunteer with Lin and his welcoming family.
Joining the project of developing complete ecological farming gave me not only an educative knowledge on modern Chinese farming, hard work investment and contemporary Chinese business culture, it also granted me with the valuable and very enlightening opportunity of becoming a part of a Chinese family that shows true interest in sharing their history and culture with you!
As a volunteer here you will have the opportunity of working in the fields side by side with the local workers while experiencing the atmosphere of real daily life farming on a great scale in China. Lin very much appreciates and welcomes suggestions, and proactivity and creativity is more than welcome here - there’s always something to do at the farm!
Enjoy the beautiful little straw house, take good care of Walden (the workawayers’ cat), and bring a couple of extra blankets to stay warm at night in wintertime :) - besides from that just jump into it and enjoy every moment!
Thank you Lin, Sarah and your warmhearted family at 三一农场 - I will never forget my first experience with you!