Testimonial #4

Working and living at the Farm was an amazing experience for us that felt like an eco-oasis in China. Lin and his whole family were so welcoming to us and they provided us with a super nice living space, big meals, and an inspiring work environment. The work was fun and varied a lot because we were there during a summer camp for kids, so we never got bored. Sometimes we would present cultural lessons, teach soccer games, document bird species around the farm, talk about biology, help the kids learn English, participate in activities with the kids, design and repair bat houses and bird houses to promote biodiversity, or lead yoga sessions for the other volunteers. It was definitely cool that we were able to contribute according to our own interests. We also really enjoyed getting to know Lin. His passion for the environment and education reform is infectious and we can't wait to return to his farm in the future and collaborate with him on other projects in the future! :D