Testimonial #8

Lin, Mama Lin, Linxi, Uncle Chiang, Lisa and the whole family took such amazingly good care of us! The work was easy and fun--sometimes we would cook multi-course formal meals, and sometimes teach English games or yoga to kids at the summer camp. Work is based on the interests of the volunteers, and there was no fixed schedule for us. The emphasis was not on work, but in cultural exchange. Very interesting place, it is a massive farming operation but the area where volunteers live and spend most of their time feels more like an eco-resort than a farm! There is even a big swimming pool. Because we are a couple, we were even given (reaallyyy nice) private accommodation. And we had such a fun time hanging out with Lin, his family, and the other volunteers, and we learned a LOT about Chinese culture and customs, especially at the formal dinners where we learned about banquet culture, all of this was so fascinating. We highly recommend this place for self-directed people who are interested in learning about Chinese culture.