At the moment we are offering a range of opportunities for people, schoolsuniversities and businesses. Look below to see which one you can be a part of.

We’re looking for a diverse group of people from around the world with the skills and expertise to help us transition from a modest, family-run farm to a model of sustainable development capable of leading rural areas in China and abroad.

If you can help us achieve this vision or would like to know more about our plans then please get in touch.

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skilled professionals

People with skills and experience in:

Services - education (children and adults), elderly care, eco-tourism, hotel/guesthouse hospitality, wellbeing, traditional Chinese medicine, wine production

Development - Rural development, urban planning, IT/connectivity, sustainable infrastructure, government applications

Sustainability - sustainable architecture, renewable energy, soil recovery, waste disposal, water management

Environment - reforestation, ecology, permaculture, botany, traditional Chinese farming methods, bees, birds, livestock (pigs, chickens, goats, cows)

Arts - art, music, film production, dance, sports


internships and educational projects

Students as interns, conduct university theses, or complete a year abroad with us.

This will be a unique opportunity to conduct your own learning/research/field studies, explore your ideas and discoveries within a business environment, and develop your skillset whilst gaining a deep understanding of Chinese culture and business customs.


universities and schools

Educational institutions cooperating with us to exchange knowledge and develop educational opportunities on sustainable living, environment-friendly agriculture and international relationships. 


businesses and organizations

Companies to work with us to exchange knowledge and develop a working model to protect the environment and improve the living standards of people within the community.



Volunteers to work with us to exchange ideas, knowledge and cultural understanding.

Click here to find out more about our volunteer program.

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