Coming soon

Our store is not yet available online, but in the meantime you can view our page on WeChat for more information about the farm, and you can see the information below for some basics about the products we intend to offer through WeChat once our store is launched. 

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Our Produce

Walden Farm doesn't just raise pigs, we also cultivate a wide variety of plants. Here you can find peaches, pears, oranges, cherries, sweet potatoes, ginger and much much more. We also pride ourselves on our vineyard. Every autumn we harvest grapes from our farm and use them to make a fine selection of wines. 


Our Pork

Here at Walden Farm we take pride in our pork. We offer many different types of pork, so no matter your needs, we're sure Walden Farm can suit them. While some of our pigs are raised through more traditional means, every year we aim to raise more and more pigs organically in an effort to make our farm more ecologically sound. Our free-range pigs are raised on a large open area, and they are completely antibiotic free.



Connect With Us

If you have any interest in viewing our store, please scan the adjacent QR code. It will direct you to our farm's page on WeChat where you can view information about our farm and the products we offer.