A man from Russia. He is good at wood and iron work. A very creative man. He made a lot of projects for the farm, such as the fire place and a flower shelf. In April 2017, he started to work on the construction of the future volunteer's office. This innovative project is the first one at the farm who reunite the western ideas and chinese handcraft. Besides that, Nick also likes cooking, walking around in the forest with Liuba. He thinks the time on the farm is very flexible so he can spend more time to make his project more beautiful. Nick is a very good guitar player. Sometimes after meal,  we have a privet concert from Nick. That's super cool!



   Coming from Hong Kong, Helane came to the farm with the idea to build a pizza oven. With a background in engineering and some help from locals she was able to make her plans a reality. Though she had built a similar oven in the past, she still found the experience to be a tremendous learning opportunity, not only because she experienced the craftsmanship of local workers first hand, but also because she was able to learn about life in China as it was back in the day. This was great for Helane because she came to Walden Farm in order to reconnect with her roots in mainland China. She felt that this experience helped her get more in touch with the ways of the past and allowed her to learn about a culture that is slowly disappearing.


Flo & Flo 

   We’re Flo & Flo, from France. We travelled from France to China and we found this very nice and peaceful farm in the countryside of Sichuan province: we were happy to find a place where people care about nature and Chinese culture. It’s now our third time on the farm, which means we definitely liked it. We learned a lot from this wonderful family and we helped them the way we could: we love building things! We decided to build wood boxes to help people recycle the trash and also a house for the dog túdòu!


Communication team

Here is the communication team. Two swiss and two spanish people. The swiss were responsible of changing this website, change the all structure, give more information and complet the work already made by another volunteers (thanks Thomas!) And the spanish were responsible to communicate this website as much as possible! Thanks to them if you read this website right now :-) 

And many others!