Stephane Forest House - Modern wood house surrounded by pine trees

  • (Under active construction)

  • 1-2 person medium rooms, 1-2 person master rooms

  • Outside walkway views

  • Center high ceiling meeting area

  • Full-stock kitchen

  • Chinese style round dining table

  • Beautiful forest scenery

Stephane house front side view

Stephane house front side view

Interior center area

Interior center area


  • WIFI internet
  • Room control AC
  • Full kitchen
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Bedroom pillows and sheets
  • Adjustable water temperature

History and design

Stephen house is the second rental house that we have built after the [Walden Swimming Pool Villa](link-this). One of the volunteers who came here, Stephane, a Belgium architect, designed and drafted the initial house plans. After some time working on the design of Stephane House, Stephane left to design eco-friendly houses somewhere in Oceania and other volunteers along with full time workers carried on the work of designing and construction of this house.

Located to next to The Walden Cafe and surrounded by pine trees, the Stephane House is great for those who like a serene and secluded escape from the chaos of the city. Have a walk around the lake and then drink an expresso in the Cafe.

Outside and yard

Step into the yard on the rectangular stone blocks that lead to the house front door and around to house to various locations. Throughout the yard you will see many large, smooth stones and a variety of tree species such as the Gingko tree, which is native to China and widely cultivated throughout the countries history. The leaves of the Gingko Tree is very unique and shaped like a fan like structure. In the night, the lights are strategically positioned so that the whole house lights up very beautifully.

Interior center area

Walking through the front doors, in the centre of the house lays a grand long table made from a single solid tree trunk. It is said that the tree trunk was imported from South East Asia. Hanging from the ceiling are very distinct lights of assorted shapes and sizes.

The center living area is cleared to the ceiling and surrounded by large glass windows. Behind the long tree trunk table, there is a wooden fireplace that can be used in colder months. To the right back corner, lies and staircase leading up to the second floor. Upon going outside onto the deck, you will have a nice view of the surrounding yard. Going further up the stairs to the roof provides a almost 360 degree view of the pine trees which reach up to the height of the roof.

Center wooden table

Center wooden table



Bedroom accommodations

Bedroom amenities

  • Mirror
  • Toilet
  • Wardrobe and cabinet
  • Shower with multiple controls for water pressure
  • Bathtub
  • Queen size bed
  • Heavy blue satin curtains
  • Temperature control
  • Study table
  • Bedside desks and light switch

The Stephane Forest House contains 2 medium size bedrooms and 2 large size bedrooms connected to the central area and the second floor outside hallway.

Bedrooms come with full queen size bed that will fit 2 persons easily. The design is a very open space connecting the bathrooms and bedroom together. The beds are very comfortable and the bathroom is fully equipped.

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