Here at Walden Farm we take pride in our pork. We offer many different types of pork, so no matter your needs, we're sure Walden Farm can suit them. While some of our pigs are raised through more traditional means, every year we aim to raise more and more pigs organically in an effort to make our farm more ecologically sound. Our free-range pigs are raised on a large open area, and they are completely antibiotic free.


We cultivate a wide variety of plants. Here you can find peaches, pears, oranges, cherries, sweet potatoes, ginger and much much more. Our main fruit production is grapes, from our vineyard. Every autumn we harvest grapes from our farm and use them to make a fine selection of wines. 


During the past years we have been thinking about offering a new concept at the farm. We want to give the opportunity to people from big cities who don't have the chance to meet nature, or are just curious about it, to see how it's like to live in an eco-friendly environment, and to explain them how we try here to respect the nature. In this perspective, we are building a new house to host all visitors who are curious about our lifestyle. 2017 is the beginning of what we call eco-tourism at the farm, and we are looking forward to welcome our new guests!


2015 was the beginning of the volunteering programm at the farm. Lin, the coordinator of this project, had the ambition to reunite people from all over the world here at the farm, to exchange knowledge about farming, eco-friendly agriculture, and many other subjects!