Since 2012, we are truly happy to say that we've welcomed more than 300 volunteers from over 46 different countries. Our aim is to exchange ideas, knowledge and cultures with each other, and to create long-lasting relationships around the world. We want to share the true Chinese way of life and create a place where everyone feels part of our large family.


our philosophy

Our main reason for running this volunteer program is to build relationships based on mutual cultural exchange and to develop a deeper understanding of our place in nature.

We believe that if they come to this farm in the countryside of Sichuan, it’s to learn Chinese traditions and farming methods, help us with your knowledge and ideas, and spend time with our family.

how you can help us

Promotion & Marketing – Website management, Social media management, Social media advertising, SEO, Blogging, Copywriting

Teaching – Summer camp and Weekend camps for Chinese kids

Research – Reforestation, animals (birds, bees, wild animals, insects, microorganism), crops, ecology, permaculture, botany, traditional Chinese farming methods, livestock (pigs, chickens, goats, cows)

Sustainable Development Sustainable architecture, rural development, urban planning, IT/connectivity, renewable energy, waste, water and soil management

Arts - Art, music, film production, dance, sports