We imagine a world where good stewardship and a deep respect for the land and ecology are central to both business and all aspects of life. That is why we have taken steps to transform our family farm into an ecological one. But we don’t want to stop there.

Over the coming years, we will be working to share our knowledge of sustainable farming to others by expanding our services and facilities in the areas of ecotourism and education whilst continuing to respect the laws of nature and taoism.

Our mission is to create a sustainable model of rural development that can be brought to Sichuan, the rest of China, and the world. We strive to educate the young people about the importance of protecting the environment and sustainable development. We also want to increase the quality of the food in the country by offering a wide variety of healthy products for consumers around China.

By cultivating the land and using ecological building methods, we plan to develop a eco-friendly park where nature lovers and peace seekers can spend time, relax, and learn about nature and traditional farming methods.

If any of this sounds exciting to you, we would love to hear about it:

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We believe that harmony between humanity and nature is the key to realize sustainable development of both agriculture and the human society.
— Walden Farm