Volunteer Benefits


As a volunteer, you’ll receive free accommodation, meals and have access to all facilities on the farm.

You’ll mainly enjoy your meals in the canteen with other volunteers, family members and workers, made by two Chinese chefs.

When the opportunity arises, volunteers together with our family will eat together in the family kitchen.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn about eco-farming methods and the farming business, as well as experience cultural diversity by meeting volunteers from countries all around the world.


Be part of our family and have the opportunity to experience the traditional Chinese way of life!

For more information, check out our volunteer guide book.


Looking to explore China before or after your volunteering?

As your host, we can recommend you the best attractions to visit, and provide you with tips about local surrounding areas.



1. How long should I stay at the farm?

A minimum stay of 2 weeks is preferred. We believe that 2 weeks is the minimum amount of time for volunteers to know different aspects of the farm, local surroundings and Chinese culture.

2. How many volunteers will there be?

We don’t host more than 8 volunteers at the same time. This is for us to spend enough time to get to know you better, answer your questions and help with your work.

3. Where will I be staying in the farm?

You will stay with other volunteers in a spacious volunteer house on the farm. Be ready for deep conversations and fun night activities on the weekends!

4. What will I need to prepare/ bring?

If you’d like to come in winter, make sure you bring enough clothes with you.

For summer, we’d recommend bringing lightweight, breathable clothes that cover most of the skin, insect repellent, and sunscreen. If you are doing a lot of practical work, it might be good to bring working clothes and boots along.

If you are planning to stay at the farm up to one month, a tourist (L) visa is enough. For longer stays, we’d recommend applying for the exchange (F) visa. We can help arrange visa extensions with the local government if needed.

5. How many hours will I be working?

The minimum volunteering hours are 4h/ day. If you choose to take a day off for your own plans, you can make up for it the day before or after.

6. What rules will I need to follow?

The only rule we apply is to have respect for the place and other people. Please also be aware that we are responsible for your safety in and around the farm.

7. Will I get paid/ Will I need to pay for anything?

Since this is a not-for-profit cultural exchange program, we don’t pay our volunteers. In exchange for your work, we provide free accomodation and meals.

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